Vista Point

Name: Vista Point
Location: 33.854116, -112.256525
Info Link: Maricopa County Parks & Recreation


I wanted to share our favorite local dive spot. Almost any diver in the Phoenix area knows this location fairly well. Many training dives happen here, as well as a lot of fun dives. This spot is known as Vista Point, and it is on the East side of Lake Pleasant.

To get to Vista Point, you have to enter the park at Pleasant Harbor. There is a $6 fee, and it’s only for the Harbor. If you want to go to the rest of the regional park, you have to pay the county on the other side of the lake. After you enter, you will follow the road to the end, then turn right. Again, follow the road to the end, and turn left. This road will go a short ways before curving toward a boat ramp. Instead of following the curve, look straight ahead. There should be a parking lot, with a dirt road that comes off of it, with a sign for Vista point. Follow the dirt road up the fairly steep hill (a 2WD vehicle will make it, no problem), around and down. You should find yourself right by the water. Here’s a map I drew up to show the location.

vista map

Every time we’ve been here, there have been at least a few other divers here. There is a very short staircase by the parking lot that gets you down the steepest part of the walk toward the water. You will have to carry your gear a distance, but that distance changes throughout the year. Lake Pleasant is a reservoir lake, and will change depending on the rainfall and the demand for water.

Take a heading on your compass of 210 degrees from North. Follow this a ways, and when you get to a depth of 20 to 50 feet, you will come across a bunch of cool things. We’ve found road barricades, skeletons playing cards at a table, a grandfather clock, memorials to late divers, and a handful of other cool things. There is a bit of a dropoff here too. If you descend below this wall, you may find yourself beyond a basic open water depth (60 ft). Bring a flashlight with you down there, as it gets dark very quickly.

11225245_856796517690509_9024220408321581067_o 11148658_856796507690510_1928639075516795312_o 11411629_856796514357176_1810070995639756597_o 11717426_856796531023841_4882005390479489621_o

Allyson and I haven’t been any further than the shallow depths of that wall. I hear there are plenty of other cool things that are around 80 to 100 feet.

If you’d rather explore Vista Point from the comfort of your computer, I filmed the location with an underwater camera the last time we went. I cut out a lot of the swimming and tried to keep just the interesting parts.

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